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Grow Lights, Hydroponics and Organic Gardening – Michigan Upper Peninsula and Northern Wisconsin

Hydroponic Grow Lights U.P. Michigan Interior Gardens brings the latest technologies and products for growing a wide range of plants indoors to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and Northern Wisconsin. Offering easy, convenient access and great prices on hydroponics growing systems, grow lights, and nutrients and supplies for hydroponic and organic gardening, our fully stocked store helps you succeed from the very beginning. Whether you’re thinking about growing plants for healthy eating, flowers or medicinal herbs, high-tech indoor hydroponic gardening lets you grow effectively year-round, no matter what the weather brings.

Grow Tent Sales With almost two decades of experience gained from our operations at our Minneapolis location, our indoor gardening store provides expertise, access to great products at low prices, and years of experience in helping growers achieve the success they are seeking in indoor gardening. At our store in Ironwood, Michigan, we bring together the very best of our products, knowledge, and dedication to hydroponics, organic gardening, and more. Instead of ordering products from distant suppliers and paying high shipping costs, indoor growers in the Michigan U.P. and Northern Wisconsin can find the top products they need, along with personal service, advice and competitive pricing right at home. Forget shipping delays and costs and get started gardening today!

  • Grow Lights Proper lighting is the most important factor for successful indoor growing. You’ll find every type of grow light at our store, from powerful HID lighting systems and fluorescent grow lights to energy-saving LED grow lights. From grow lights for individual plants to a bank of High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide grow lights for a large growing environment, we have the equipment you need at prices to suit any budget. Our grow light experts are always ready to help you choose the ideal lighting equipment to match your plans from our extensive stock.

  • Hydroponics Systems Hydroponics gardening is the growing method of choice for most indoor gardeners, and our hydroponics retail store offers a wide range of growing systems available at all times. From ebb and flow systems to Aeroponics, we have complete hydroponics systems in stock for growing individual plants or large-scale commercial growing operations and everything in-between. Ready to use and adaptable to a wide range of crops, our systems are affordable, efficient, and trouble-free. Get the trusted brands you need today at great prices in our store.

  • Hydroponic Nutrients Media Our store offers a large stock of everything you need for indoor gardening success. Planting media like Hydroton, Grodan Stonewool, Coco Coir, and many others support your plantings and encourage lush root growth for maximum production. Our complete stock of nutrients for hydroponics lets you customize plant nutrition to suit any growing environment, with top brand products at unbeatable prices. Parts, supplies, containers and every other product you need are always in stock at our store, along with expert advice that can make all the difference.

  • Organic Gardening Supplies If organic growing is your passion, our Upper Peninsula retail gardening store in Michigan is your best destination. Organic soils from Ocean Forests and Roots Organic are always in stock for your growing projects. We also carry a wide array of organic fertilizers, pest and weed control products, plant containers, tools, and propagation supplies. Our experienced staff is always available to help you select the organic products you need to assure you of successful growing and ideal production of organic produce and herbs that enhance your healthful lifestyle. We’re ready to help in every way.

  • Grow Hydroponics Whether you’re new to hydroponic gardening or have been growing with indoor grow lights for years, our full-service gardening store in Ironwood is the only source you need for top-quality hydroponics equipment, grow lights, nutrients, fertilizers, supplies, and information. Our experienced staff can answer any question, help you select the right equipment and products, and get you on the road to successful growing immediately. Every product you need is in stock and priced right, so you can come into our convenient Ironwood store today and start growing tomorrow.

Grow Light, Hydroponics, & Organic Growing Store – Ironwood, MI

Branching out from its long-time retail store in Minneapolis and its nationwide online indoor gardening website, Interior Gardens has opened its branch store in Michigan Upper Peninsula to serve the growing needs of that area and Northern Wisconsin. We offer a complete stock of grow lights, hydroponic growing systems and organic gardening equipment and supplies, all at highly competitive pricing. Yoopers and everyone else will find the tools, expert advice, and knowledge they need for complete success with any indoor gardening project.

Don’t spend your time waiting for slow shipment of products you haven’t even seen. Come into our complete indoor gardening store and take the products you need with you, so you can start your growing project right now instead of weeks from now. We’d love to meet you and help you achieve your goals, whether your project is small or extensive. You can rely on us for all of your growing needs.