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Advanced Nutrients Systems for Maximum Production in Upper Peninsula Michigan

Advanced Nutrients Upper Peninsula Michigan Hydroponics growers are always looking for nutrients that give them maximum plant growth, healthy root systems, dense foliage and robust blooms. Advanced Nutrients understands those needs for high yields and fast growing plants. Its full range of hydroponics nutrients is creating buzz in all leading publications and websites, and growers are seeing outstanding results by choosing Advanced Nutrients products for their growing operations. Developed through extensive research in actual growing environments and fine-tuned to give growers the results they demand, these products give your growing projects the powerful boost they need for maximum success. At our Michigan Upper Peninsula indoor gardening store, we’re proud to offer Advanced Nutrients Bigger Yields Flowering System products to our indoor growers. Each nutrient bundle in the system adds to the components of the other bundles. Combined, they give you the spectacular results you need at whatever level you choose. Among the Advanced Nutrients Bigger Yields Flowering System products we feature are:

  • Bigger Yields Flowering System Hobbyist Grower Bundle

    Advanced Nutrients Hobbyist Grower Used to supplement a basic nutrition grow system Advanced Nutrients Hobbyist Grower Bundle includes vitamin, amino acids, and root boosters to assure you of monster hydroponics crops. At a great low price, the bundle includes Big Bud for improved weight, density, and quality in flowers and fruits. Voodoo Juice promotes maximum root growth in the bundle and B-52 protects your growing plants from environmental stress. Overdrive helps achieve maximum blossom girth and swell during the last part of the flowering phase. Together, they give you the high-powered results you’re seeking while maintaining ideal pH balance.

  • Bigger Yields Flowering System Expert Grower Bundle

    Advanced Nutrients Expert Grower Add the components of Advanced Nutrients Expert Grower Bundle to your basic hydroponics nutrients and the Hobbyist Bundle for the sweetest, tastiest hydroponics buds and flowers ever. Piranha promotes healthy root growth and helps plants resist disease. Bud Candy creates sweeter flavors and aromas in your buds by supplying a precise blend of nutrients. Final Phase controls other nutrients during the crucial budding and flowering process and improves bud taste and aroma. The combination creates an ideal system for fine-tuning your hydroponics growing for maximum yields.

  • Bigger Yields Flowering System Professional Grower Bundle

    Advanced Nutrients Professional Grower Add the powerful components of Advanced Nutrients Professional Grower Bundle to the Hobbyist and Expert bundles and move up to professional results for your hydroponics growing. Tarantula provides beneficial bacteria to promote maximum leaf and root growth for higher yields. Nirvana stimulates metabolic activity for faster growth, greater yields and better light absorption. SensiZym includes over 80 enzymes to digest fertilizers and organic matter and convert them to energy for better plant growth, cleaner roots, and bigger yields.

  • Bigger Yields Flowering System Grand Master Grower Bundle

    Advanced Nutrients Grand Master.jpg When you’ve reached the Master Grower level, add the powerful components of Advanced Nutrients Grand Master Grower Bundle to the other components of the Bigger Yields Flowering System to reach the pinnacle of successful harvests. Bud Ignitor helps to channel plant energy from leaf growth into creating high yields of buds during the flowering phase, and with faster cropping times. Rhino Skin helps toughen up plants and decreases water loss in dry hot environments under your grow lights. Bud Factor-X increases yields by triggering plants to produce more resins and terpinoids, and stimulates production of essential oils while protecting against insect attacks and flower diseases.

Advanced Nutrients Products for Powerful Growing at Every Level in UP Michigan

At our fully stocked indoor gardening store in Ironwood, MI, you’ll find the powerful nutrients, supplements and growth enhancement products you need for maximum success in any growing project. Hydroponics nutrients from Advanced Nutrients offer a staged set of nutrient bundles to let you tune your growing plans to your experience level and achieve maximum production, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro grower. Talk with the experts at Interior Gardens to discuss your growing plans and let us help you choose the Advanced Nutrients Bigger Yields Flowering System Bundles that are a perfect fit for your growing needs.