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Buy Magnetic and Digital Ballasts Online at Low Prices, Upper Peninsula, MI

For every grow light, the heart of the system is the ballast that powers the bulb and ignites it. When buying a ballast, choose one that matches the wattage of the bulbs you will use. Then select either magnetic ballast to save on the initial cost, or opt for an electronic digital ballast for the most efficient, quiet operation available. Below, you can purchase the most trusted Sun System ballasts of both types, most of which are switchable to support either Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium bulbs. They all are proven performers that we’re proud to offer our customers. Our low discount prices beat the competition, and our fast shipping gets your order to you right away. If it’s not convenient to come to our Ironwood, MI store, shop with us online.

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  • Hardcore Double-Ended Ballast

    Designed to power the latest double-ended grow light bulbs, this economically priced magnetic ballast is your best choice. Our low, low discount price means excellent savings. 120v and 240v operation.

  • Hard Core MH & HPS Ballasts

    Available in 660w and 1000w models, these magnetic ballasts are switchable to support both MH and HPS bulbs. Our discounted price lets you create economical grow light systems and save. 120v or 240v operation.

  • Harvest Pro 400w Magnetic Ballast

    For compact growing designs where 400w grow lights are ideal, this is the ballast to choose. It runs cool on 120 or 240v power and is designed for HPS bulbs or MH conversion bulbs. Great low online price.

  • Galaxy Grow Amp Digital Ballasts

    This Sun System digital ballast runs quiet and cool. 600w or 1000w models are available at our special reduced prices. Switchable dimming lets the 1000w model also run 600w MH and HPS bulbs.

  • Galaxy Double-Ended Digital Ballast

    This 1000w Select-A-Watt digital ballast is switchable to power 600w or 1000w MH and HPS bulbs, with four wattage settings that let you dim 1000w bulbs to suit your needs. At this low price, it’s our most popular model.

  • Galaxy 315w LEC Electronic Ballast

    Designed exclusively to power cutting-edge Light Emitting Ceramic (LEC) bulbs, it offers multi-power dimming and operates on 120 or 240v power. Compatible with Sun System LEC reflectors.

Low Online Prices from Interior Gardens in UP, Michigan

As customers who visit our store in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula know, Interior Gardens is dedicated to low prices on hand-selected products for hydroponic supplies, grow lights, and much more. It’s not always convenient to make the drive to Ironwood, though, so we’ve expanded our operations to offer our outstanding discounted prices to customers everywhere. Compare our products and prices and save by shopping with us. Our fast shipping ensures that your order will arrive at your door right away, too. Shop online or in-store and you’ll know you’re getting the products you need at great low prices.