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While many of our customers want to create their own grow light systems by mixing and matching reflectors, ballasts and bulbs, we know that many others want ready-to-go systems. In our store in Ironwood, MI and our online store, we offer both options. You’ll find a full range of grow light systems below that don’t require you to make any complex choices. You’ll find systems in every price range, all with deep discounts that you won’t find at other dealers. Whatever you need, we have you covered. Order now, and we’ll ship your products right to your door.

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  • Compact Digital Grow Light Fixtures

    Designed for smaller growing environments, these Sun System products include a built-in digital ballast that supports 250w and 400w MH and HPS bulbs. Highly reflective interiors. Compact size and light weight. Bulbs sold separately. Our low discounted prices make it easy and affordable to get started.

  • Low-Cost Grow Light Packages

    Everything you need for an affordable grow light system. Sun System 1000w or 600w packages complete with remote magnetic ballast, reflector and HPS bulb. Start growing immediately. Deeply discounted price.

  • Digital Grow Light Packages

    Step up to quiet digital performance. Sun System 1000w or 600w complete packages, with Galaxy Grow Amp remote ballasts, 6” air-cooled reflectors with tempered glass, and HPS bulb. Unbeatable prices.

  • Sun System LEC 315w or 630w Grow Lights

    Get the ultimate in grow light technology with Light Emitting Ceramic technology. Choose a 315w self-cooling reflector or a 315w or 630w air-cooled reflector. Matching Phillips-engineered digital ballasts and LEC bulb. Efficient, high performance systems with outstanding color spectra.

  • Sun Blaze HO T5 Fluorescent Lights

    Fluorescent lighting is ideal for starting plants and for some ornamental plants. Choose a system at bargain prices, complete with bulbs and ready to hang. Many 2′ and 4′ options are available.

  • Kind LED 320w Grow Lights

    If you’re looking for an energy-saving, cool-running LED grow light, order this package. The ideal light spectrum is equivalent to a 600w HID grow light, but without the heat or power usage.

Discount Grow Light Store in Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin

Now, you don’t have to drive to our Ironwood, MI store from cities throughout the Upper Peninsula or Wisconsin to buy grow lights and grow light components. We offer the products you need online, at the best discount prices you can find anywhere. Add the items you want to your secure shopping cart and we’ll ship them to your door immediately. Check out our other online shopping pages, too. We’ll be adding more pages and more products soon. At Interior Gardens, supplying your hydroponics supplies, grow lights and organic gardening needs is our highest priority. Shop in our store or online and you’ll enjoy great low prices and hand-selected products that perform for you, whatever you grow.