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Indoor Grow Lights Upper Peninsula Michigan Proper lighting is essential for all plant growth. The sun is the ideal light source, but isn’t available for growing indoors. That means that the indoor gardener has to provide a substitute for that missing sunlight. Today’s high-quality grow light systems are what make indoor gardening possible, and our garden store stocks a full range of top-quality grow lights at great prices. From small grow light systems for a kitchen window herb garden to a full-scale, powerful system to handle the largest installations, you’ll find the ideal lighting system to match your needs at our convenient Ironwood, MI location. If you’re not sure what you need, our expert staff can help you make the right choices after learning your plans. You won’t find that kind of professional, friendly service on the Internet or at home supply stores. Count on us for the grow light systems that make your indoor gardening a complete success.

High Intensity Discharge Grow Lights – Power for Maximum Growth

Grow Light Systems Most people aren’t aware of how much light is required for effective plant growth. Since our eyes adapt to almost any lighting conditions, what seems like bright lighting depends on where we are. The fact is that the amount of light needed for plants to grow is high. For indoor gardening, most growers choose High Intensity Discharge or HID grow lights for that reason. Our first recommendation for all indoor gardening projects is HID lighting. The chart below shows you why HID lighting is the best choice to produce the amount of light needed in most cases:

Grow Lights Output

Not only brightness and power, but the color spectrum provided by grow lights also makes an enormous difference in growing success. Almost all of the grow light systems we sell are capable of operating both High Pressure Sodium or HPS lamps and Metal Halide or MH lamps. HPS lamps provide maximum support for the flowering and fruiting stages of plant growth, while MH bulbs promote robust vegetative growth.

Every HID Grow Light Requires Three Components

For both HPS and MH grow lights, each light is made up of three parts, each of which has to be matched to the other. The combination makes up the actual grow light. Our grow light experts can help you create the ideal system for your needs, using top-quality components. Those components are:

  • HID Ballasts

    Electronic Ballasts HID bulbs require a specially designed ballast device to operate. While some smaller HID grow lights have ballasts built into the reflector, the 600W and 1000W HID grow lights used by most growers use remote ballasts. At our Michigan UP indoor garden store, we have selected the industry’s best remote ballasts to offer our customers. They combine efficiency, MH and HPS capability, and cost-effectiveness to give you great grow light power without breaking your budget.

    • Sun System Hardcore Ballasts – Economical and reliable, these magnetic remote ballasts from Sun System are available in 600W and 1000W versions to suit most grow light needs. Operating on 120 or 240 volt power, they’re a great remote ballast for general use. The 1000W version is switchable for HPS and MH grow light bulbs, while the 600W version is HPS only. They are complete and ready to use out of the box.
    • Galaxy Select-A-Watt Digital Ballasts – Our most popular remote ballasts, Galaxy Select-A-Watt Digital ballasts are cost-effective, quiet, and reliable. A full range of capacities is available, and all are switchable between HPS and MH lamps, and offer the advanced features and capabilities sought after by serious indoor gardeners. Let us help you match the right Galaxy digital ballast with your other components.
  • Reflectors

    Grow Light Reflectors To effectively light your growing area, every grow light requires a reflector, and our grow light experts have personally selected a range of Sun System reflectors to offer our customers. Their high reflectivity surfaces, effective cooling designs and outstanding engineering provide maximum lighting power for your plants. All are ready to hang and come complete with socket and cord, and are compatible with our ballasts and lamps. The Sun System Luxor reflector is our most popular model, but we offer a wide range of Sun System reflector models to suit every indoor grow light need.

  • Bulbs

    Grow Light Bulbs HPS and MH grow light bulbs, selected to match the remote ballast’s capacity, are the third component of every HID grow light. You’ll find a complete selection of grow light bulbs at our store, including top-quality Hortilux bulbs, as well as HPS bulbs and Metal Halide bulbs from other nationally recognized manufacturers. We always have the grow light bulbs you need in stock, available to you with no delays.

  • Enclosed Mini-System HID Grow Lights

    High Intensity Discharge Grow Lights For smaller growing installations, you’ll find our all-in-one enclosed grow light systems a great solution from the most recognized maker Sun System. Ranging in power from 150W to 400W, they’re ideal for compact gardening projects and are complete in a single package that includes ballast and reflector. Just hang them, plug them in and grow. These HID lights are very affordable and installation is easy.

Fluorescent Grow Light Systems and Components

Fluorescent Grow Lights Ideal for starting new plantings and for tropical flowering plans like African violets and others, fluorescent grow lights fill specific needs for indoor gardeners. At our garden store, we’re ready to meet your fluorescent grow light needs with Sunblaze T5 High Output fixtures and high wattage compact fluorescent fixtures. We also carry a full range of 6500 K cool and 3000 K warm fluorescent bulbs, designed specifically for indoor gardening projects. We have you covered for all grow light needs, and our experienced staff is always ready to provide the information you need to make the right choices for any indoor gardening requirement.

Revolutionary Kessil LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights With the introduction of high-power LED grow lights, specifically designed to produce maximum plant growth for small growing installations, Kessil has finally made LED grow lights a viable, environmentally conscious option for indoor growers. From the original Kessil H150 grow lights, offering 32W of growing power, to the new 90W H350 Kessil series of grow lights, their full-spectrum lighting capability, with low heat output and great energy savings are options to consider for your indoor gardening projects. Let us show you how Kessil LED grow lights can fit into your growing plans, as primary lighting for smaller growing projects to supplemental lighting for specific lighting needs.

Complete Grow Light Source for Michigan’s Upper Peninsula & Northern Wisconsin

Proper lighting is one of the keys to success for indoor gardening projects, large and small. Choosing the right grow light solution for your growing, though, can be a tough job, and shopping online for grow lights can be confusing and involves high shipping costs and delays. At Interior Gardens Michigan, we provide a complete range of grow light options to growers in Michigan UP and Northern Wisconsin. Along with offering proven, high-quality components and systems from top manufacturers, we also provide the expertise you need to help you make the best grow light decisions for your project. Our expert staff will eliminate the confusion and provide the lighting solutions you need immediately, letting you get started with growing right away. Come into our Ironwood, MI indoor garden store and you’ll leave with everything you need for successful gardening indoors.