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Buy Heavy 16 Nutrients in Upper Peninsula, MI and Northern Wisconsin

At our retail store in Ironwood, MI, we maintain a complete stock of several popular brands of hydroponic nutrients. That lets our customers choose exactly the products they trust to ensure outstanding yields. The scientifically tested and blended nutrients from Heavy 16 are among the most popular with many of our regular customers. Highly concentrated and extensively field tested, they get the job done every time. We’ve expanded our operations to include online shopping. Take advantage of the lowest possible discount prices and order the nutrients you need here. We’ll ship them out to your door right away, wherever you’re located.

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  • Heavy 16 Veg A and B

    This two-part nutrient system provides outstanding vegetative growth, vascular development and strong stems. Follow package instructions for an ideal start. 1 qt., 1 gal. and 2.5 gal. sizes.

  • Heavy 16 Bud A and B

    Formulated to optimize nutrition for the budding, blooming and fruiting phases of growth, these essential nutrients are crucial for maximum yields. 1 qt., 1 gal. and 2.5 gal. sizes.

  • Heavy 16 Roots

    A densely-branched root system is the key to maximum growth and production. The custom formulation in this nutrient product is essential from the cloning state until just before harvest. 8 and 16 oz. sizes.

  • Heavy 16 Fire PK Booster

    Boosting Phosphorus and Potassium stimulates budding and boosts production. This additive is formulated to be used from two weeks before budding right through blooming. 8, 16 and 32 oz. sizes.

  • Heavy 16 Prime

    A microbial feed, sweetener and pH regulator, this additive adds micronutrients and stimulants to complete the nutrition of your plants. Experiment to find an ideal blend. 8 oz., 1 qt., and 2 qt. sizes.

  • Heavy 16 Foliar

    A foliar spray nutrient, it boosts calcium and magnesium to promote photosynthesis and protect plants from stress. It’s your best protection against many issues. 8 oz., 1 qt. and 1 gal. sizes.

  • Heavy 16 Finish

    This formulation enhances flavors and aromas and acts as a cleanser when used in the final stages of the nutrition cycle. Give your crop the final boost to perfection. 1 qt. and 1 gal. sizes.

Heavy 16 Nutrients at Low Prices in UP Michigan and Norther Wisconsin

Experienced growers know that nutrition is a multi-step process and that a balanced feeding program is the key to maximum yields. With Heavy 16 products, it’s easy to take your growing to the next level and create crops that stand above the rest. That’s why these nutrients are among the most popular products we sell at our UP Michigan retail store. If you can’t get to our store, order Heavy 16 products online at our low, low discount prices and we’ll ship them to you as you need them. Wherever you live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and Wisconsin to anywhere in the country, we’re your best source online. Order today from us and you’ll be assured of having the nutrients you need on-hand and ready to use.