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Buy High Pressure Sodium Grow Light Bulbs Online – Upper Peninsula, MI

The most successful hydroponic gardeners know that switching from Metal Halide grow light bulbs to the color spectrum provided by High Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulbs is the best way to achieve maximum budding and flowering yields. The increased light power in the red and yellow spectrum from HPS bulbs delivers the proper light needed for the production stage of plant growth. Whatever you grow, outstanding results depend on your lighting choices as well as proper nutrients. The HPS bulbs below give you the budding, flowering and fruiting light spectrum you need. Our discounted prices let you order the bulbs you need online for fast delivery to your location. When you can’t come to our Ironwood, MI store, shop online and let our products come to you.

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  • Hortilux Super

    Ensure an ideal spectrum for budding, flowering and fruiting. Economically priced. Up to 145,000 lumens output. Available in all wattages for your growing needs.

  • Hortilux Double-Ended

    For double-ended (DE) sockets only. These 1000W powerhouse bulbs help you achieve outstanding yields, with durability to last through many growing cycles.

  • Ultra Sun

    Ideal for fruiting and flowering support, these price-conscious bulbs help increase yields, and can be used throughout the cycle by budget-conscious growers. All wattages.

  • Ushio Double Ended

    For double-ended (DE) fixtures only. Long life, high output bulb with high blue and red spectral ratios for the entire growth cycle. Quartz glass & low profile design.

Low Prices for Indoor Grow Lights in UP, Michigan

We know that it’s not always possible or convenient to get to our store in Ironwood when you need products for your hydroponic growing projects. That’s why we’re expanding our operations to help our customers order online. For grow light bulbs, that’s especially important. Plants require light, and if a bulb is out, you can’t grow. Order the HPS and MH bulbs you need online, and get the same great low prices along with fast delivery. Just add the bulbs you need to your shopping card. Add a spare bulb or two to your order and you’ll be ready for any future outages, too. Soon, we’ll be adding online shopping for many other products