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Hydroponic Gardening Grow Lights Michigan At our complete indoor gardening store in Michigan’s U.P., you’ll find a wide range of products for gardening indoors. Every product we offer is a proven, reliable performer, personally selected to give you the dramatic growing results you demand at pricing that means superb value for your budget. For any project scale, from small hobby growing systems to commercial growing environments, we have the high-quality products you need, the expertise to help you make the right choices, and the determination to provide excellence in service to our customers.

Our store located in the Michigan Upper Peninsula carries a wide range of products, all available for immediate purchase, letting you visit our store today and begin growing right away. Hydroponics systems and supplies, grow light products, organic fertilizer and soil products, and more are always available and in stock. When you need specialty products or special orders, our Minneapolis warehouse is fully stocked, and your items can be delivered quickly to our Michigan store. Click the links below for additional information on our products in each category:

  • Indoor Grow Light Without ideal lighting, plants can’t flourish. Today’s grow light systems are available in a number of configurations, and you’ll find them all in the grow lights section of our store. We’ve hand-selected only the best quality lights and components from leading manufacturers like Sun System, Hortilux and Kessil to offer our customers. Our pricing is highly competitive, and we can match your growing needs with ideal systems for maximum production. Our best-selling brands include:

    • High Intensity Discharge Reflectors – Sun System & More
    • HID Electronic, Digital & Magnetic Ballasts – Galaxy Digital & Hardcore Magnetic Ballasts
    • HPS & MH Bulbs – Hortilux & UltraSun
    • Fluorescent Grow Lights – Sunblaze T5 High Output Grow Lights
    • LED Grow Lights – Revolutionary Kessil LED Grow Lights
  • Aeroponics Systems Hydroponics is the key to successful indoor growing of a wide range of plants, from herbs, fruits, and vegetables to a wide range of flowering plants. Choose from a wide range of proven hydroponic systems, along with the nutrients and growing media to suit your exact gardening plans. The systems we’ve personally selected for our customers have proven themselves with high production, reliability, and great value. Rely on our expert staff to assist you in finding the right products and supplies for your project among world-renowned brands like:

    • Aeroflo – Larger yields, faster growth, stronger plants.
    • Waterfarm – Maximize your space.
    • Ebb-N-Grow – Proven ebb & flow hydroponics at any scale.
    • Hydroponics Nutrients – Flora, Dutch Master & General Hydroponics.
    • Hydroponics Media – Grodan Stonewool, Hydroton, Coco Coir & more.
  • Organic Plant Nutrients Organic gardening indoors lets our customers in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan grow healthful organic crops regardless of the season. The advantages of organic growing have led to an explosion of interest in this gardening method around the world, and it’s no wonder. Eliminate toxic fertilizers and other artificial products, and enjoy a more healthful lifestyle, while growing plants year-round. Our store carries a wide range of products to support the needs of our organic gardening customers, with brands representing the latest research and techniques, including:

    • Organic Soils for Great Results – Fox Farm Ocean Forest & Roots Organics.
    • Soil Amendments – We stock a complete range of amendments.
    • Organic Fertilizers – General Organics, Humboldt Nutrients & Botanicare.
    • Organic Weed & Pest Control – Safe, organic products to meet any need.
    • Tools & Supplies – Everything you need for success.

Full-Service Hydroponics, Grow Light and Organic Gardening Store

The products listed above are just part of the comprehensive selection of products we carry in our Ironwood, MI garden store. In one visit you can find everything you need for hydroponics and organic indoor gardening in a single convenient location. Great quality products and unbeatable prices, along with expert advice from our staff of seasoned gardening experts, mean that customers from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and Northern Wisconsin now have a one-stop source for all of their gardening needs at Interior Gardens Michigan. Stop in soon and get to know our store and our staff. We’ll do everything we can to help you, whether you’re just getting started or have years of growing experience.