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Hydroponic Nutrients Upper Peninsula Michigan Hydroponic gardening is the key to growing healthy, robust plants of all types indoors, and is the fastest growing gardening method today. For the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin, indoor gardening makes it possible to grow plants of all kinds throughout the year, instead of only during the brief outdoor growing season. Along with hydroponics gardening systems and grow lights, indoor gardening requires effective nutrients and growing media to replace the soil used in other types of gardening. Today’s highly effective hydroponics nutrients and media are the products of decades of careful research by top manufacturers. At our indoor garden store, we carry a full line of the very best nutrient products, media and other supplies needed for successful indoor gardening.

Hydroponics Nutrients for Healthy Growth & Production

The experienced specialists at our hydroponics stores and online sales company have personally selected some of the world’s best nutrient products for hydroponics gardening. At our Ironwood, MI location, we’ll be happy to share our extensive knowledge and help you choose the right nutrients for any plants you grow, assuring you of complete success. Our nutrient products include:

  • Advanced Nutrients Products

    Advanced Nutrients for Hydroponics For every hydroponics grower, from hobbyists to commercial growers, Advanced Nutrients offers a balanced nutrient system that gives you the high-powered nutrition you need for maximum production. Advanced Nutrients’ Bigger Yields Flowering System is available in four special bundled nutrient systems for Hobbyists, Expert Growers, Master Growers and Professional Growers. Each is custom-formulated to provide an ideal combination of nutrient power that makes every growing project thrive and achieve higher yields. Advanced Nutrients balance your growing environment’s pH balance automatically, and contain a customized combination of bacteria, enzymes, carbohydrates, Humates, bloom cofactors and vitamins to produce bigger root systems and bushier plants for maximum production. Ask the experts at Interior Gardens which Advanced Nutrients bundle is right for your growing project.

  • General Hydroponics Flora & Other Nutrients

    General Hydroponics Nutrients As a world-renowned hydroponics research and manufacturing company, General Hydroponics produces some of the best-known and most effective nutrients to provide robust growth, excellent flowering, and productive hydroponics growth for a wide range of plant types. Their Flora line of nutrients has proven itself over the years in producing healthy, strong plants. Easily customized to any formulation, it assures you of success. Specialty nutrients from General Hydroponics also enjoy high popularity among gardeners everywhere.

  • Nature’s Nectar Organic Nutrients

    Nature's Nectar Hydroponics Nutrients Fine-tune your hydroponic and organic nutrient program by creating your own personalized fertilizer formulations. Nature’s Nectar individual organic nutrients make it easy to create customized fertilizer formulas for your specific needs. Nature’s Nectar Nitrogen 5-0-0, Natures Nectar Phosphorus 0-4-0 and Nature’s Nectar Potassium 0-0-5 give you the control and precise control you need to blend an organic fertilizer combination that can meet any growing need or growth phase for your organic hydroponics installation. They are created from natural ingredients and free of contaminants, so you’re in complete control of your fertilizer program when you create your own organic fertilizer formulations. Ask the experts at Interior Gardens about Nature’s Nectar Organic products to match your needs.

Hydroponics Growing Media Products

Hydroponic Growing Media Hydroponics gardening is soil-less gardening, but plants require growth media designed to support strong root growth and plant stability during the growing process. Which types of media you use depends on the hydroponics system you use. At our garden store, we stock a wide range of hydroponics media products, including:

  • Grodan Stonewood & Rockwool – Manufactured with hydroponics gardening success, these sterile, clean products are extremely hydrophilic, retaining water and nutrients in exactly the quantities needed to promote maximum growth. We carry the full range of Grodan products, including slabs, grow blocks, starter cubes and much more.
  • Hydroton – Manufactured in Germany, this clay aggregate medium is the choice of successful hydroponics growers worldwide. Its water-retention qualities are ideally suited for WaterFarm, Ebb-N-Grow, and deep-water hydroponics growing systems. It’s the growing medium experts choose for success.
  • Mother Earth Perlite – Created from volcanic rock that is expanded like popcorn, perlite is another popular choice of gardeners. Inert and pH-neutral, it’s great as both a hydroponics medium and as a soil amendment for organic gardening.
  • Other Growing Medium Products – However you grow, Interior Gardens Michigan has your media needs covered in our extensive stock. Coco Coir, Botanicare mixtures, vermiculite, media conditioners and more are always in stock. You’ll find everything you need for success in our garden store.

Hydroponics Supplies to Meet Every Growing Need – Upper Peninsula, MI

Whether your hydroponics gardening is on a small scale or is an expansive growing installation, our Ironwood, MI garden store carries all of the supplies, informational books and videos, components, and more to keep your project going and growing. As your gardening needs grow, we’re ready to provide everything you need. Ventilation systems, dark room enclosures, test equipment, fans and blowers, pumps, controllers, and more, are all in stock and ready when you need them. Our expert staff, too, is always available to provide the information and recommendations you need.

When hydroponics gardening is your passion, there’s nothing like being able to see, touch, and talk about gardening products in person. When you come to our convenient Upper Peninsula hydroponics store in Ironwood, MI, our complete stock of the products you need, including growing media and nutrients, makes us your best resource. Our prices are always low, our products are handpicked to be the best available, and our experienced specialists are always available to help you make the best choices for your exact needs. We invite you to visit us soon, whether you’re just getting started in hydroponics gardening or are an experienced grower. Make Interior Gardens Michigan your first and last stop for everything you need to achieve maximum success.