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Hydroponic Growing System Upper Peninsula Michigan For indoor gardening, hydroponics is the method of choice for most growers. While you can grow indoors with soil in containers, hydroponics methods produce better yields, better plant health, and more trouble-free, efficient growing. At our indoor gardening store, we know hydroponics gardening intimately and have grown our expertise in hydroponic gardening methods since we opened our Minneapolis garden center in 1996. By personally selecting growing systems and other products, we offer our customers the most proven, effective, economical growing methods and equipment. One trip into our convenient Upper Peninsula store in Michigan gives you fast access to the equipment and supplies you need along with expert advice and information from our seasoned hydroponics experts. We sell only the best hand-selected products at unbeatable pricing.

  • Modular Hydroponics Growing Systems

    Hydronponic Systems Hydroponics growing can be complicated if you approach it from scratch. Designing your own hydroponics gardening environment is possible, but it takes time, expertise and the willingness to assemble a wide range of individual components, regardless of the hydroponics growing method you select. At our hydroponics garden store in Ironwood, MI, we offer a wide range of modular hydroponic systems from America’s leading hydroponics manufacturers. Each of these systems is a complete package, containing the essential components you need to get started growing right away. From a small, single planting site system for hobby use or a compact system for growing multiple plants in a small space to a large hydroponics system, capable of growing on a commercial basis, we have everything you need. Just add grow lights, water and nutrients, and your growing project is underway. Some of the systems we offer include.

  • Ebb-N-Grow Systems

    Ebb Grow Hydroponic Systems Using the ebb and flow growing system, the modular Ebb-N-Grow systems are our best sellers. With everything included except nutrients and lights, these systems are available in sizes for from 12 to 48 planting sites, and can be expanded with additional grow pots at any time. The result is strong, active plant growth, automated operation, and an ideal flooding and draining cycle. Ebb-N-Grow systems are economical to buy, easy to set up, and allow carefree growing that gives you the productive results you are looking for. It’s no wonder they’re our most popular systems. Let us show you how you can get started growing quickly and simply.

  • General Hydroponics WaterFarm Systems

    Waterfarm Hydronponic Systems Based on square growing containers and completely modular, many gardeners see General Hydroponics WaterFarm systems as the ideal way to grow in compact spaces. From the compact WaterFarm system, containing everything you need for five plants to a customized modular system using WaterFarm PowerGrower controllers that support 8 or 16 plant containers, you can create an ideal growing environment of any size, and expand it as your needs increase. Their simple setup, automated operation, and clean, high-impact plastic design give you the freedom to grow anywhere. Come into our convenient store today and start growing now!

  • Aeroflo Systems

    Aeroponics Hydronponic Systems Operating by misting plant roots with water and nutrients, aeroponics gardening provides the fastest possible growth cycle for your plants. Our Aeroflo systems come complete and ready to set up with systems available for 18 growing sites up to 120 sites. Each system includes nutrients, Hydroton growing medium, coco coir cup liners, and net pots. Pumps, distribution hardware, and support systems are all included. Take a system home with you. It’s easy to set up. Add your grow lights and plants, and stand back. You’ll get larger yields, faster growth and stronger plants than with any other hydroponic gardening system we offer. Let our expert staff show you the Aeroflo advantage!

  • Grow Tent & Dark Room Growing Environments

    Grow Tent Dark Room When you’re growing indoors, especially in your home, the bright lights, noise, odors and appearance of your growing environment can cause disruption of your normal lifestyle. We offer unique grow tent environments to help keep your indoor garden to itself. Easy to set up and easy to access, grow tents have washable, reflective interiors that maximize your grow lights’ effectiveness, while built-in ports make ventilation and cooling simple. Available in sizes from 2′ by 2′ to 10′ by 10′, you get up to 100 square feet of growing space plus peace of mind by growing in our grow tent and dark room enclosures. Keep your garden from taking over your home with a grow tent.

Complete Hydroponics Gardening Store in UP Michigan & Northern Wisconsin

Growing indoors has never been easier or more affordable. Hydroponics gardening lets you grow anywhere indoors and produces the results you can only get with the latest technology. At our Ironwood, MI hydroponics gardening store, we offer only products we’ve personally selected as the best solutions available. Our volume purchasing power, through our Minneapolis store and warehouse, lets us pass our discount prices along to our Upper Peninsula customers in Michigan and Northern Wisconsin. Instead of hunting for the hydroponics products you need online and paying high shipping costs, just come into our convenient location and take everything you need with you today. You’ll be growing immediately, and harvesting before you expect. We’d love to talk gardening with you and assist you in finding the indoor gardening products that match your needs.