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Indoor Gardening in UP Michigan & Northern Wisconsin

Indoor Gardening Upper Peninsula Michigan The process of growing plants of all types indoors is easier than most people think. The benefits, though, make indoor hydroponics gardening and organic gardening a new phenomenon, especially in places like the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where outdoor growing seasons are short. From the smallest kitchen window herb garden to an extensive indoor farming operation, indoor gardening can enhance your life, improve your health, and provide enormous satisfaction. At our indoor gardening supplies store in UP Michigan, we offer everything you need for success in growing a full range of crops, along with the high-quality products and expert advice that make it easy and affordable to start growing indoors. One trip into our convenient Ironwood, MI garden store will supply you with everything you need to get started immediately. Click the links below for more information:

  • HID Grow Lights Along with air, water and nutrients, proper lighting is an essential ingredient in healthy plant growth. Where growing seasons are short, as in Michigan and Wisconsin, bringing the garden indoors lets you grow year-round and enjoy the fruits of the harvest throughout the year. Choosing the proper grow lights is a crucial step for success, and our selection of powerful grow light products from Sun System and other manufacturers includes grow light systems in a full range of light spectra and power ratings. Match the right lights to your indoor gardening project, and you’re on the road to success. Let us help you choose from:

    • High Intensity Discharge Grow Lights – Powerful lighting for maximum growth, with a light spectrum ideal for robust plant growth.
    • Fluorescent Grow Lights – Ideal for starting plants and for some houseplant types, our stock of fluorescent grow lights is affordable and effective.
    • LED Grow Lights – Cool-running and surprisingly powerful, our Kessil LED grow lights can be used for primary or supplemental lighting.
  • Hydroponic Systems For indoor gardening, nothing beats hydroponics gardening systems. Soil free, automated, and easy to manage, hydroponics gardening lets you control every aspect of plant nutrition for maximum production and robust growth. Depending on what you’re growing and the size of your project, we can help you select the ideal hydroponics gardening system to match your needs. From single plant systems to multiple site, expandable hydroponics systems, Interior Gardens Michigan has the quality systems, nutrients, and media you need for maximum performance at great prices that suit any budget, including:

    • General Hydroponics WaterFarm Systems – Compact, easy to set up, and based on a modular design, these systems can handle projects of any size. Affordable and effective, they’re a great way to get started.
    • Ebb-N-Grow Hydroponics Systems – These ebb and flow systems are the most versatile growing environments available. Handling from 12 to 48 plants, their automated, modular expandable design makes them our most popular systems.
    • AeroFlo Hydroponics Systems – Capable of the fastest possible growing cycles, and scalable from 18 to 120+ growing sites, these systems use a mist of water and nutrients to maximize production. Systems are ready to go out of the box.
    • Hydroponics Nutrients, Media & More – You’ll find everything you need for a successful growing operation at our Ironwood, MI garden center. Powerful plant nutrients, growing media, parts, and even Dark Rooms are always in stock.
  • Organic Fertilizers For vegetables, fruits and other food crops and when organic gardening is a high priority for any indoor or outdoor gardening project, our fully stocked garden store in Ironwood, MI, is your Upper Peninsula source for everything you need for successful organic gardening. We’ve personally selected the very best organic products from U.S. and international companies to offer our customers, all designed to help you get the results you demand, whatever your goals and budget. You’ll find everything you need in our convenient organic gardening store, including:

    • Certified Organic Soils and Planting Mixes – Get maximum results with top-rated products from Fox Farm and Roots Organic, all at great prices.
    • Organic Soil Amendments – Power up your plantings, indoors or out, with Vermiblend worm castings or vermiculite and perlite soil modifiers.
    • Organic Fertilizers & Nutrients – Maximize your growing potential with products from General Organics, Humboldt, Botanicare and more.
    • Organic Pest & Weed Control – We stock a full range of organic products to handle these troublesome issues. Bring your problems to us for solutions.
    • Tools, Supplies & More – We’re your one-stop shop for everything you need for any organic gardening project, including expert advice.

Get Started Right with Top-Quality Products for Indoor Gardening in UP Michigan

Thinking about getting started with indoor gardening or organic gardening or expanding an existing garden in Michigan’s U.P. or Northern Wisconsin? We’re here for you and we’re just a short drive away. Rely on Interior Gardens Michigan for the high-quality products and expertise that get you started the right way, with no delays or high shipping costs for the products you need. Bring your ideas to our convenient garden center in Ironwood, MI, and we’ll help you turn those budding ideas into reality. Whatever you want to grow and no matter what your budget is, you’ll find the quality products and guidance you need at the best possible prices. Best of all, you can visit our store today and start growing tomorrow. We look forward to helping you achieve growing success.