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For hydroponic growers, getting maximum yield from any crop requires careful attention to the light spectrum delivered by your grow lights. For the early stages of growth, a different spectrum is needed than for later budding, flowering and fruit production. Metal Halide High Intensity Discharge bulbs are ideal for robust vegetative growth that will support maximum yields. Smart growers start growing with MH bulbs, and then switch to High Pressure Sodium bulbs for the budding and fruiting stages. The MH bulbs below are proven, economical sources of the exact spectrum required for maximum vegetative growth. Order these products online, and we’ll ship them to you right away. It’s a great alternative when it’s inconvenient to come to our Ironwood, MI store.

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  • Hortilux Blue Daylight

    Available in all popular wattages. Revolutionary EYE chemistry expands the color spectrum. These bulbs support both vegetative growth and budding and fruiting.

  • Hortilux e-Start Bulbs

    For electronic digital ballasts, these bulbs offer improved support for vegetative growth. Extended life with ideal spectral output. 1000, 400, & 250-watt ratings.

  • Standard 1000W Bulbs

    Economically priced, these workhorse MH bulbs have good spectral distribution for great vegetative growth. Start growth with these, and then switch to HPS.

  • Ultra Sun MH Conversion Lamps

    If you grow with standard 600W HPS ballasts, this specialty bulb lets you boost vegetative growth using an MH bulb without buying new equipment.

Top-Quality High Intensity Discharge HID Grow Lights, Low Prices – UP, Michigan

We know that it’s not always possible to make the drive to our well-stocked store in Ironwood, MI. When you need grow light bulbs, you need them now. So, we’re expanding your options by letting you order the products you need online. Just add the bulbs you need to our shopping cart, and we’ll ship them right out to your location. Enjoy our discounted prices wherever you are. To avoid grow light outages, order spare bulbs at the same time so you won’t have any lapses in proper lighting for your growing plants. We’ll be expanding our online shopping soon to include even more products.