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Organic Gardening Supplies – Upper Peninsula, MI & Northern Wisconsin

Organic Soil Upper Peninsula Michigan Organic gardening, both outdoors and indoors under grow lights, is one of the fastest-growing methods of gardening. It’s no wonder, since more and more people are concerned with the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and genetically modified plants in commercial agriculture. That concern has led many people in Michigan and Northern Wisconsin to explore sustainable organic gardening to supply all or part of the food they consume. Healthful, organically grown vegetables, fruits and herbs are more nutritious, more flavorful, and healthier to consume. Combining organic gardening with growing genetically unmodified heritage plant varieties has become an important part of gardening in the 21st Century. At our gardening store in UP Michigan, we recognize and support organic gardening of all types and stock a wide variety of tested, personally selected products for organic gardening projects. At our convenient Ironwood, MI garden center, you’ll find:

Organic Soils, Planting Mixes & Amendments for Healthy Gardens

Happy Frog Organic Soil The first step in successful organic gardening is growing plants and crops in great soil. Our top-quality organic soils, planting mixes and soil amendments are created specifically for organic growing by some of America’s best-known organic soil companies. Whether you’re growing in containers outdoors or gardening under lights indoors, our soils and soil products are the keys to your organic gardening success.

  • Fox Farm Soils & Planting Mixes – A leader in organic soil products, Fox Farm Ocean Forest, Happy Frog, and other soil products are created specifically for your gardening needs. You’ll find the complete range of Fox Farm soil products and more in stock in our Ironwood, MI organic gardening store.
  • Organic Soil Amendments – If you’re creating your own organic soil, our supply of soil amendments lets you customize that soil to suit whatever you plant. Vermiblend Premium Soil Amendment and Wiggle Worm Worm Castings, along with a complete range of soil modifiers are always in stock, and in the package sizes you need.
  • Organic Hydroponics Growing Media – The hydroponics growing media we offer are free of chemicals, sterile, and pest free. Add our organic hydroponics nutrients and your organic hydroponics project will get a great start. Count on Interior Gardens Michigan for all of your needs.

Organic Fertilizers & Nutrients for Successful, Productive Growth

Organic Fertilizers Organic gardens need the very best certified organic fertilizers and nutrients to produce the robust growth, lush foliage, and high production you count on. At our Michigan Upper Peninsula organic garden center, we have investigated the organic growing marketplace and have personally selected the very best products on the market to offer our customers. Whatever you’re growing and however you garden, we have the certified organic nutrients and fertilizers you need, including:

  • General Organics Products – We carry the full General Organics line.
  • Botanicare Nutrients – Organic nutrients & more for the hydroponics gardener.
  • Other Organic Nutrients – Fox Farm, Technaflora & More.

Organic Pest and Weed Control Products for Michigan Organic Gardening

Organic Pest Control Coping with weeds, insects, and plant diseases is always an issue for all gardeners, and organic gardening needs specialized products to handle those problems. Free of toxic chemicals and dangerous compounds, the weed and pest control products we carry in our Upper Peninsula organic garden store are effective, safe, and cost-effective. Bring your toughest problems into our fully stocked organic gardening store, and we’ll help you find the products you need to solve them. Our staff has the expertise and experience you need, and we have the products in stock to handle the full range of weed and pest control issues you encounter. Look for the OMRI & NOP seals on our products and be assured that they are right for your organic gardening.

Organic Gardening Tools, Supplies, and More – Michigan UP and Northern Wisconsin

As an organic gardener, you need a wide range of supplies, and our convenient Ironwood, MI organic gardening center has the products you need in stock, from soils, nutrients, and pest control products to containers, tools, propagation supplies, and informational resources. Our experienced staff has extensive organic gardening knowledge, and we’re ready with answers to all of your questions and suggestions to help you achieve complete success with your projects. We’re your one-stop source for every organic gardening need, and offer a wide range of products you won’t find in typical garden center stores. If your garden is organic, visit us at 105 S. Suffolk St., Ironwood, Michigan, Monday through Saturday from 11 A.M. to 7 P.M. We look forward to helping you in every way.