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Buy Grow Light Reflectors Online at Low Prices – Upper Peninsula, Michigan

When you’re putting together a grow light system, selecting the right reflector can make all the difference. At our Ironwood, MI store, we stock a wide selection of Sun System reflectors to provide options in price and features so our customers can create exactly the system they need. But, if it’s inconvenient to get to our store from outlying communities in the Upper Peninsula or Wisconsin, we now offer our reflectors online at the lowest discounted prices you’ll find anywhere, all ready for fast shipping to your door. Whether you’re looking for budget priced models or professional grade reflectors, you’ll find an ideal choice below.

  • Econo Wing Grow Light Reflector

    This reflector is our lowest-priced model, but supports bulbs up to 1000w. Highly reflective and light in weight, it’s a popular choice with growers who are looking for maximum savings on grow lights.

  • Adjust-A-Wings Avenger Reflectors

    Adjustable spread lets you control the lighting area. Super reflectivity and optional second bulb socket make this a popular choice with commercial growers. Available in Large and Medium models.

  • Yield Master Air-Cooled Reflector

    A bargain-priced, discounted enclosed reflector with tempered glass. Compact in size, with 6″ ducts for economical air-cooled performance. Complete with socket and cord, and ready to hang.

  • Magnum XXXL 6-Inch Air-Cooled Reflector

    Large-sized reflector for larger growing areas. Includes tempered glass, socket and cord. 6″ ducts for air cooling. Completely sealed for maximum heat control. Ready to hang out of the box. Discounted price.

  • Magnum Low Profile Air-Cooled Reflector

    For low-ceiling grow rooms, this reflector makes it easy to maintain proper grow light distances. 8-inch oval duct openings and tempered glass. Complete with socket and cord at our low pricing.

  • Flex Double-Ended Reflector

    This affordable reflector is designed for double-ended grow light bulbs, and our low discounted price makes it ideal for growers installing multiple grow lights in large spaces.

  • Blazer Double-Ended Reflector

    An economical self-cooling reflector without glass. Designed for double-ended bulbs with built-in receptacle and cord. A great choice for growers switching to DE bulbs at our discounted price.

  • Air-Cooled 8” Double-Ended Reflector

    Double-gasketed glass and superior airflow provide outstanding cooling. It’s the ultimate choice for growers using high-output double-ended bulbs. Special design keeps bulbs operating at ideal temperature.

  • Vertizontal Grow Light Reflector

    This 48″ diameter octagonal reflector can be used in horizontal or vertical orientations, for customized lighting needs. Our deeply discounted price and flexible usage options make it a popular choice.

  • Sun System LEC Remote Reflector

    Light Emitting Ceramic grow lights are a cutting-edge technology. This self-cooling reflector is designed exclusively for 315W LEC bulbs, and is complete with socket and cord. Requires LEC ballast and bulb.

Unbeatable Low Prices for Grow Light Reflectors in Michigan and Wisconsin

Whatever reflector model you choose for your grow lights, you’ll find outstanding discounts at our Interior Gardens online store. Choose a system that matches your design and budget and add it to your secure shopping cart for fast, efficient delivery. You won’t find better prices or customer service anywhere. If you’re coming to our Ironwood, MI store, you’ll find these reflectors in stock and ready to take with you, too. Since it’s not always convenient to make the trip from Upper Peninsula towns and Wisconsin, we’ve added online shopping at steeply-discounted prices to help you get the grow light products you need anytime without paying more than you should.