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Buy Roots Organics Nutrients – Upper Peninsula, MI

For many hydroponic and soil gardeners, growing organic crops is the goal. Not all hydroponic nutrient products, however are organically formulated. That’s why Roots Organics nutrients are among the most products we sell in our Ironwood, MI store, and now online. We keep the full line of these organic blends in stock for our customers. We buy in large quantities, so we can pass along our savings through low, discount prices you won’t find elsewhere. We’ve expanded our business to include online shopping to meet the ongoing needs of our customers. Order the Roots Organics products you need for fast delivery at any time and save with our rock-bottom prices. You’ll save time, too, along with travel costs.

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  • Buddha Grow

    This concentrated organic formulation is designed to promote healthy, strong vegetative growth to ensure maximum yields and lush strong plants to support your goals. 1 qt. and 1 gal. sizes.

  • Buddha Bloom

    All organic formulation for use during the budding, flowering and fruiting stage of any crop. Get maximum yields and improve quality with this nutrient blend. 1 qt. and 1 gal. sizes.

  • Ancient Amber

    A humic acid blend, this organic product is an outstanding chelating agent that boosts uptake of nutrients, both macro and micro. Reduces plant stress and promotes production. 1 qt. and 1 gal. sizes.

  • Extreme Serene

    An organic kelp extract, it promotes growth with micronutrients. Encourages vigorous growth and increased budding to improve yields. Use as an additive or foliar spray. 1 qt. bottles.

  • HP2 Fertilizer

    An organic bat guano liquid fertilizer, it provides phosphorus to enhance bud and flower quality. Add it to other fertilizers for soil and hydroponics nutrition. 1 qt. and 1 gal. sizes.

  • HPK Bloom Booster

    Bud and flower quality are improved with this Phosphorus and Potassium booster, derived from organic natural sources. Ideal for both soil and hydroponic growing. 1 qt. and 1 gal. sizes.

  • Oregonism XL

    A super soluble formulation of beneficial bacteria, Trichoderma, and microrrhizae, it’s designed to provide root enhancement for better nutrient uptake and disease resistance. 4 oz. and 16 oz. packages.

  • Surge Microbial Stimulant

    A true organic stimulant that encourages faster growth, heavier yields and ideal enhancement of essential oils production and flavors. A fish-based nutrient blend, with kelp and humic acid.

  • Trinity Catalyst

    A complex blend of organic compounds, this additive is a catalyst for plants, roots, and beneficial microorganisms. Use it at all stages of growth to ensure vigor and growth and to reduce stress.

Roots Organics Nutrients at Low Prices – UP, Michigan and Northern Wisconsin

For our organic growers, Interior Gardens recommends and stocks the complete line of Roots Organics nutrients. Proven in actual production settings and carefully formulated for consistency and quality, they are extremely popular with our customers. Buy them at our Ironwood, MI store, or shop online when it’s not convenient to make the drive to Ironwood from your Upper Peninsula or Wisconsin location. Either way, you’ll get our lowest discount pricing on the best organic nutrients you’ll find anywhere. Our secure shopping cart system is easy to use. Just click on any of the products above to read more about them and to order. We’ll ship your order to your door promptly for fast delivery.