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Indoor Gardening Store in UP Michigan & Northern Wisconsin

Wherever you are in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula or Northern Wisconsin, our indoor gardening store is just a short drive away. Located near the junction of Highway 2 and Highway 51 in Ironwood, Michigan, our well-stocked, spacious store is right in the downtown, at 105 S. Suffolk Street. Walk in the door, and you’ll find everything you need for any indoor gardening project, from hydroponics growing systems and grow lights to organic fertilizers, soils, supplies, nutrients and equipment. You’ll also find our expert staff, always ready to assist you in making ideal choices to match your plans and budget. Whether you’re a seasoned indoor grower or just getting started, we’re your complete resource for any indoor gardening project, offering top-quality products at great prices, without the high cost and delays of shipping.

Hours: Monday – Friday: 10 AM – 6 PM; Saturday 10 AM to 2 PM

Everything You Need for Indoor Gardening Success in One Convenient Location

Stop by our 21st Century garden store, and you’ll find everything you need for hydroponics and organic gardening, along with top-quality grow lights, and much more. Every product in our store is personally selected for high quality, great prices, and to provide an ideal match for your needs. You’ll find:

  • Hydroponics Growing Systems
  • Grow Lights – All Types
  • Growing Media for Any Project
  • Organic Soils, Fertilizers & More
  • Hydroponics Nutrients & Supplies
  • Propagation Supplies
  • Dark Room Systems for Growing
  • Books, Videos, Tools & More

Every product we carry is a recognized, highly respected brand, sourced from worldwide locations, and ready to take with you. Special order products, delivered quickly from our nearby Minneapolis warehouse, are also available. Matched with expert advice from our seasoned staff, you’ll find everything you need for any growing project, from a small, single-container system to a large-scale growing project.

At Interior Gardens Michigan, our goals are the same as yours. We are dedicated to helping you make your indoor gardening plans come to life, providing the quality growth and production you’ve anticipated, and more. Whatever you grow, and at any scale, you can count on us for every need. Visit our friendly, spacious store soon, and return often. We’d love to help your garden grow.